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Do you want to get your pup on the right track but time is simply fighting against you? Do you have a few behavioral issues that you need fixed in a timely manner?  Do you just want a professional to bring the best out of your pup? If it’s obedience, behavior modifications, or simply just a jump start in life, the Pawfect team can help from the comfort of our own home. Your pup will be an everyday family member during their extended stay with us. Allow your pup to become a Pawfect K9 and return to you with a Pawfect outlook on life!

2 Week Board & Train

  • Package Includes:


    - Sit, Down, Stay, Walking to heel, Release Command and a Leave it command

    - Behavior modifications will be assessed on a case to case basis. The rate and duration of the board and train may need to be increased depending on the severity of the issues.


    - Pupdates via video calls, phone calls, text messages

    - You’ll have to live up to the Pawfect lifestyle when your pup returns home

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