• This package consists of 5 lessons of training your dog to understand the basic obedience commands: sit, down, stay and come, as well as loose leash walking, release command, leave it, place, and additional Pawfect trick (depending on the dog), and a Professional Pawfect Photo. 

  • Package includes: 

    • 5 one hour sessions (If you choose to do the evaluation on the same day as the first lesson, the first session will be approximately 1.5 hours)

    • E-collar ($200)

    • Leash 

    • Herm Sprenger ($25) and/or Martingale Collar  (depending on the dog)

    • Place Mat ($30)

    • Free Sample Bag of Pawfect Meal Plan

    • A Professional Pawfect Photo

    • Travel Fee (if location is 40+ minutes away)

    • 15% off first order of Pawfect Meal Plan after or during service

In-Home Basic Obedience

    • Does your dog have any unwanted behaviors that you believe can be fixed? Whether it is anxiety, fear, dog/people aggression, we will help one paw at a time. Behavior Modifications can and should be attached to an obedience package. More lessons may need to be added to the program depending on the severity of the behavior and your dedication to repairing your companion. 

    • Behavior Modifications can be added to the Basic Obedience Package. Depending on the severity of the issue, additional lessons may need to be added to the package.

    • *Any item with a price attached to it will be an additional charge to the package if needed*

    • *If additional lessons are needed, they will be paid at the service providers discretion*