• Do you want to learn and build an even deeper bond with your pup or do you believe your pup needs a little more training than the average pup? The 8 lesson package will cover as much as your pup can retain. The package is recommended for more extreme behavioral issues or simply for owners who want to push the limits of their pups. This is a great way to build the foundation to a life changing bond. 

  • Package Includes:

    • 8 lessons (1st lesson will be about 1.5 hours if evaluation is on the same day as the first lessons)

    • E collar additional $150 if needed

    • Leash 

    • Herm Sprenger ($25) or Martingale Collar (depending on the dog) 

    • Travel fee will be added if location is 40+minutes away

    • Professional Pawfect Photo

    • 15% off first order of Pawfect Plan after or during service 

Pace Maker Package

    • *Any item with a price attached to it will be an additional charge to the package if needed*

    • *If additional lessons are needed, they will be paid at the service providers discretion*